Escalators in Scotland from Consult Lifts

Alongside our excellent lift solutions that are offered through leading market supplier Kleemann, we’re also proud to present a range of escalators and travelators that are of pioneering quality when it comes to the reliability and efficiency in which they operate.

Consult Lift Services Ltd can meet even the most demanding of requirements regardless of the specifications provided or the limitations in space that your environment presents. Whether it’s an office, hotel, shopping centre or even an airport, we have the solutions to match your requirements and we excel in delivering a service that provides operational results in record time.

With Kleemann escalators you can take advantage of a host of innovative benefits that’ll ensure you’re always exceeding modern safety and operational standards. With silent transportation, quick installation and easy maintenance, there’s no better choice in the global escalator market than Kleemann, and with Consult Lift Services Ltd we can help you take advantage of this excellent range of equipment and guarantee that your overall satisfaction will be the inevitable end result.

Consult Lifts are the Leading Provider of Escalators in Scotland.

Escalators Installation

The Paisley Centre looked to improve the features of it's established shopping facilities. It was decided that the original escalators that were installed in 1992 should be replaced. Consult Lifts were approached to provide a complete "Turn Key" solution - to completely remove the old escalators and to design, supply, install and commission the new escalator units.

Watch the time lapse video below to see how we achieved it.

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