Lift Fabrication in Scotland from Consult Lifts

CLS Fabrication are the in-house sister company of Consult Lift Services and are experts in the design and manufacture of a wide range of items for the lift industry.

Our Lift Fabrication services include:

• Refurbishment of lift car interiors • Full lift car relines • Fabrication of new lift cars
• Machine Guarding • Steelwork/ Fabrication • New lift doors
• Door reskinning • Stonehenge Architraves & reskinning • COP and Push Plate Manufacture
• Shaft screens • Metal landing hoardings • Workshop painting and powder coating
• Car top guards • Shaft facia and toe guards • Scenic Lift Canopies
• Lift slings • CWT Frames • Machine Rafts
• Filler weights • Buffer steels • Cabin Ceilings

Consult Lifts provide Lift Fabrication services in Scotland.

CLS Fabrication don’t just stop at Lifts

We can design and manufacture anything required to be made from sheet metal and steel, Our designers, working with the latest software systems can work with you to design your required products.

Our other fabrication services include:

• Balustrades & handrails • Street furniture • Sheetmetal electrical enclosures & cabinets
• Signage • Stainless steel duct manufactures • Bespoke items

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