Parking Systems in Scotland from Consult Lifts

Parking Systems from Consult Lifts are the ideal solution for the problem of creation new parking spaces at areas that do not have such options. The installation of the hydraulic parking system ensures the parking of two or four vehicles at spaces that were intended for one (1) or two (2).

Furthermore, for buildings where there is a need for vertical transportation of vehicles between two (2) or more levels and the construction of a cement ramp is not possible, KLEEMANN has designed special car lifting systems.

These are systems, which ensure more independent parking spaces for two (single platform) or four (double platform) vehicles. They are an ideal solution for more parking spaces at newly built buildings. Depending on the available space, various types of these systems can be used. Their main distinction concerns the available pit depth and the available height. Thereby, vehicles of various types and dimensions can park.

Car Lifting Systems are used for the vertical transportation of vehicles between the ground floor and the basement or between two (2) or more levels, where the construction of a cement ramp or a car lift is not possible. They are constructed according to the machinery directive 98/37/EC and 2006/42 EC.

Consult Lifts are providesr of Parking System solutions in Scotland.

The Advantages of Parking Systems:

• Each case is studied and designed specifically by the Engineering Department of KLEEMANN
• Easy and quick installation
• Complete certification and CE marking
• KLEEMANN guarantee & quality
• Suitable for vehicle’s height up to 1810mm
• Doubling of parking spaces
• Minimum space occupation
• The additional parking space is independent
• EC type examination certificate by Liftinstituut
• It requires small depth for the shaft pit
• Covers space only from the one side of the shaft area
• It costs less than the shears technology car lifting system

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